In Memory and Tribute


In recent months, we have lost two former board members of NAMI Baldwin County.  Sonny Davis and Katie McLeod both passed away.  They were advocates for people with mental illnesses being involved in many activities to make life better for consumers.


Another former board member and former employee with Baldwin County Mental Health,  Carol

Chandler, lost her precious daughter, Tammye Gillispie, to cancer on June 9.  Carol was also an

advocate for the mentally ill.


Sonny, Katie, and Carol - all three went out of their way .  They were very special members of NAMI Baldwin County.     


Jan McVey






Hello Everyone,


Well summer is here and so is hurricane season. If your outside please wear loose clothing and drink plenty of fluids. The hurricane season here as well. Have your safely plan put together. We are having guest speaker on July 22nd. There will be refreshments. Also we are going to have a guest speaker on August 26th. Please come and hear the speakers.



James Hamilton



“Medicaid and the state of Alabama do not have much experience with managed care, so part of what we are requesting is financial support to build the necessary infrastructure. The other piece that we are

concerned about is the potential impact on hospitals, especially those in rural areas. Our 1115 proposal asks for a transition funding pool to help smooth that process,” he said.


Dr. Williamson also characterized the past year as one in which there has been much activity, but also a growing awareness of the challenges that are ahead. To meet requirements set out in law, for example, new rules have had to be created to address a wide range of issues ranging from how RCOs will be

governed, to financial and network adequacy requirements.


“I remain amazed by the complexity that goes along with breaking new ground, and that each new

decision, has consequences for healthcare providers in our state, both public and private. I am excited about the opportunity to make a positive difference going forward,” he said.



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