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July  22, 2014

Rhonda Johnson


Independent Consultant


Social Security, Medicare, and Disability


                     From Alabama Medicaid

RCO progress exceeds expectations as Agency implements law

July 3, 2014

A little over a year after state lawmakers passed legislation to transform

Medicaid, the Agency is making significant progress toward implementing a new health care delivery system that places greater focus on value and



“We are a lot further along than we initially anticipated,” said State Health

Officer Dr. Don Williamson, appointed two years ago to lead Medicaid’s



It has also been surprising to see the various approaches potential RCOs have taken, he said. “I can absolutely say that the RCO concept in April 2013 is very different in June 2014. The idea that we are seeing RCOs looking at partners with capital to share risk, or where we see multiple hospitals building a new delivery system for the state, is significant.”


He noted that one of the most important milestones to date was the submission of the Section 1115 Demonstration application to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on May 30. The 1115 waiver is critical to Medicaid’s

successful transformation, Dr. Williamson explained, because the state lacks the essential infrastructure to operate and oversee the new system, and also

because hospitals will need help in making the transition to a new

reimbursement system.


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