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What We Offer

Sometimes what you don't know can hurt you! And it can hurt the progress toward recovery of the family member or friend who has a mental illness. Also, many of our problems are associated with fear.  With mental illness there is a fear associated with the illness itself as in panic disorders. The caretakers also have a fear associated with the unknown course that the disease will take. These fears can have a disastrous result on all concerned. Education or knowledge has a way of reducing fear. For most, it gives us a rational basis on which to govern our thought processes. It would be safe to say that most of what we believe regarding mental illness is not based on "good" science but on "bad" information, such as stereotyping, that has been passed along and has formed our views on what we believe about mental illness.   Until recently, good (factual) information about mental illness was difficult to come by. Not any more!. NAMI has, through its internet site, made available volumes of information that can be used to educate anyone who wants to know about any facet of mental illness. This knowledge has the potential to alleviate many of our fears.  In addition to the national NAMI site, NAMI-BC has started a library in our office which contains books, brochures, videos, etc., all of which attempt to provide information and knowledge that can be used. Many of our resources are free for the taking and others can be checked out for reading or viewing.  From time to time, we will include information on the NAMI-BC website which we think may be of help as well.

Educational Meetings

NAMI conducts a general education meeting quarterly (October, January, April, July) and on special occasions.  Speakers from the professional community are invited to speak on a variety of topics. See the link on the left. It is open to members and  non-members.


NAMI affiliates offer intensive educational programs on various aspects of mental illness. Teachers are trained by the state NAMI organization. Classes generally meet one night a week for several weeks. Classes are free.

    Current NAMI-BC classes:


           A 12-week program, taught by family members for family members on brain disorders, brain function, medications, problem-solving, the subjective experience of mental illness, more effective communication with your mentally ill family member, self-care, the concept of recovery, and advocacy.


            A 6-week program, taught by parents of children/adolescents with mental illness for other parents/guardians on brain disorders, treatment, coping skills, and advocating for your child.


            A 12-week program, Peer-to-Peer is a unique, experiential learning program for people with any serious mental illness who are interested in establishing and maintaining their wellness and recovery.



Last Updated 6-2-14